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Altes Gebäu*

Poststraße 14 | 7000 Chur/Cuira/Coira
One of the most significant aristocratic houses of the Grisons, presently the courthouse. After the demolition of an older building, this house was built 1727-29 for the envoy, Peter von Salis-Soglio, by the architect David Morf of Zurich; restored on the exterior 1998-99. Elegant, regular, rectangular building with three storeys under a hip roof. The interior has a central dog-legged staircase with a wooden baluster banister. Excellent Regency plastering; ceiling paintings by Gian Pietro Ligari. Chinese room and panelling, with landscapes painted in the camaieu technique. A reduced reconstruction of an attached Baroque garden on the west side, tuff stone grotto with a pebble mosaic from 1731, restored 1996-97.

(Kunstführer durch Graubünden, Hg. Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte. Eng. translation of the title: Art Guide of Graubünden, ed. Society for the History of Swiss Art, Zurich 2008. This book has only been published in German.)